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At COP23, Ministers Kimmo Tiilikainen and Catherine McKenna called on countries to join the Powering Past Coal Alliance.

In the video, filmed at COP23 in Bonn, the ministers invited countries to work together with them to phase-out coal in energy production.

“To save the planet we have to get rid of fossil fuel. Today we have decided to start to phase out coal. Canada, UK, Finland and some other countries have released an alliance to phase out coal. 

“Canada and Finland are two of the coldest countries in the world. If we can do it anyone can.

Kimmo Tiilikainen said –

Catherine McKenna said – 

“We announced that we were going to phase out coal by 2030 with the provinces and territories – last year the Prime Minister stood with the premiers.

“The way we’re doing that is really working with the with the provinces that use coal. The good news is that renewables, the price has gone down. Canada has lots of opportunities for clean power, so we’re going to be working with these provinces. 

“Of course we also need to be working with with business and with workers and communities. We need to make sure that everyone succeeds as we move forward in the clean growth century – that’s what we we call it in Canada.

“We’ve been sitting down with labour, sitting down with business, sitting down with provinces to come up with a solution that makes sense for everyone so that everyone has the opportunity to have a cleaner environment, cleaner communities and also opportunities for for the economy to grow in good jobs.”

Catherine McKenna said – 

This video was originally published on YouTube by Ympäristöministeriö – Miljöministeriet – Ministry of the Environment of Finland

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