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Working at PPCA

Join us to demonstrate your passion, bring your experience, and support the coal-to-clean transition across the world!


Looking to help drive the global energy transition away from coal and fossil fuels towards clean energy? 

Join our team committed to working together so we can phase out coal power. By doing so, we can help ensure future generations have cleaner air, healthier communities, and a sustainable planet for generations to come.

PPCA Declaration

The PPCA Declaration was launched on 16 November 2017, at COP23 in Bonn. It sets out our collective commitment to accelerate the transition from coal to clean energy. We commit to achieve that phase-out in a sustainable and economically inclusive way, including appropriate support for workers and communities. We will also encourage our peers to join us in the Powering Past Coal Alliance to build a better world for our kids and grandkids.