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In a year in which many of our members and partners were affected by the ongoing energy crisis, we worked to demonstrate that delivering a sustainable, just energy transition must remain central to the  agenda. Building on the momentum of 2021, the Powering Past Coal Alliance released the Alliance’s inaugural report on coal-phase out; welcomed three new members and four new partners; expanded the thematic work on private finance, grids and utilities, and just transition; and hosted events in Chungnam, and Sharm El Sheikh. 

New PPCA members and partners at a glance 

Subnationals Colorado, US 
Private sector organisations GAM Investments 
Utilities  Eneva 
Partners CDP, the Global Health and Climate Alliance, the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment and the Southeast Asian Energy Transition Partnership 

March 2022 

  • Kyoto City, the Powering Past Coal Alliance’s first member in Japan, gained recognition in the country and abroad for its pioneering actions to phase out coal power. Insights into Kyoto City’s climate policies, as well as the role of subnational governments in accelerating the clean energy transition more broadly, were discussed at an event at the British Embassy in Tokyo which brought together subnational governments from across the Asia Pacific region and USA. 

April 2022 

  • Eneva SA, a Brazil-based company engaged in the energy sector, joined the PPCA with a new pledge to phase out its two coal-fired plants by 2040, building on the company’s previous pledge to cease any further investments in new coal-fired generation assets.   

June 2022 

September 2022

  • The Powering Past Coal Alliance welcomed Colorado and GAM Investments into the membership in September during the ‘Net Zero and Coal Phase-Out International Conference’ – an international event organised by South Korean PPCA member and regional government Chungnam.  
  • As the tenth US state to join, Colorado’s arrival brought total subnational PPCA membership to 49, across 13 countries, while GAM Investments brought financial institutions to 34.  The two new members underscored the crucial role state, subnational governments and private sector organisations play in setting ambitious goals and driving effective government action on coal phase-out. 
  • Our refreshed PPCA website launched in October! New features include expanded thematic content across topics like just transition and private finance. Visitors can also make use of a new interactive member map to learn more about where our members are, what we do and how we do it. The website is now a one-stop shop for content, analysis, and events from the PPCA Secretariat, members and partners. 

November 2022

  • COP27 provided an opportunity for the members of the Alliance to reaffirm their commitments to phasing out unabated coal by 2030 for the OECD, and 2040 worldwide.  At the conference, the Alliance celebrated its fifth anniversary, released its first flagship report on the concrete steps its members are taking to phase-out coal, welcomed four new partners, and supported a UNFCCC side event with partners and allies on grid flexibility and just transition. 
  • Our report, Powering Past Coal, includes 13 case studies that illustrate the practical choices, pathways, and strategies adopted by PPCA government, subnational and private sector members to end emissions from coal power for good. Together they showcase the action being taken by Alliance members to overcome the systemic challenges that can arise when countries accelerate coal phase-out, modernise electricity grids, shift investments towards clean energy, and commit to a just transition.  
  • The Alliance also welcomed four new partners: CDP, the Global Health and Climate Alliance, the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment, and the Southeast Asian Energy Transition Partnership who will all support the work of the Alliance going forward.   
UK Minister Graham Stuart (left) and Canadian Minister Stephen Guilbeault (right) at the PPCA’s 5th anniversary event during COP27

Looking ahead to 2023, our 168 members now represent a remarkable reservoir of expertise, influence and experience which we will need to fully harness to accelerate the transition to clean energy and keep the world on track for limiting warming to 1.5C. 

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