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Time: 10:00-11:00 GST (Dubai) 

Location: Global Renewables Hub, Mobility District, MA15 (ground floor), COP28 Blue Zone

Organisers: Global Renewable Alliance, Green Grids Initiative, Renewable Grids Initiative, Powering Past Coal Alliance, Pembina Institute 

This event will launch the Green Grids Initiative’s Electricity Transition Playbook, showcasing the range of solutions required to transition grids. The panel will stress the urgency of addressing challenges facing grid operators with increased planning, rapid scaling of investment and buildout both at transmission and distribution level to deploy renewable technologies more efficiently and sustainably. The event will discuss new types of partnerships between the private sector and governments to expand grids that would safeguard the strategic value of grids as energy security assets. 

Aging, insufficient and disconnected grid infrastructure is holding back the global clean energy transition and presents a risk to achieving the global goal of tripling renewable energy capacity by 2030 and keeping 1.5 degrees within reach. It is vital that Governments address these challenges and mandate the build-up of the electricity grid networks and supply chains to support the transition from fossil fuel sources, particularly coal, and integrate growing volumes of renewable energies. The renewables industry needs a strong and long-term commitment. Technical and regulatory barriers to renewables integration persist and are increasingly complex, but international cooperation and capacity building mechanisms are unlocking paths forward. 

Speakers include 

  • Antonella Battaglini, CEO, Renewable Grids Initiative
  • Lutz Schäfer, Deputy Head, Division „Energy, urban development, mobility, infrastructure“, Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, Germany 
  • Marcus Stewart, Lead, Green Grids Initiative  
  • Binnu Jeyakumar, Senior Advisor, Powering Past Coal Alliance   
  • Rowena Tolentino, Chief of Staff, Department of Energy, Government of the Philippines 
  • Rob McDonald, Managing Director, SSEN Transmission 
  • Abhishek Shivakumar, Head of Energy Systems Modelling, TransitionZero