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Ministers Naughten & McKenna discuss Ireland joining the PPCA

Ireland is joining the Powering Past Coal Alliance. The Climate Action momentum continues.

The Irish government last week decided that we we’re going to sign up to the Powering Past Coal Alliance. We’re now going to join up with Canada in relation to this new initiative. We’re banning the sale of smoky coal in Ireland from September of this year. In 2025 we will no longer use coal in power generation.

We’re signing up to this alliance and we’re going to work with colleagues to drive that transition forward.

Ireland’s Minister for Climate Action and Environment, Denis Naughten

I think this is really amazing. Now you’re lucky number 27 to join the government’s joining the Powering Past Coal Alliance. It’s a great example about how you can build healthier communities, how you can you look at cleaner technologies and also grow cleaner economies, so it’s great that you’ve joined.

Co-founder of the Powering Past Coal Alliance, Canada’s Minister of the Environment and Climate Change, Catherine Mckenna

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