COP25 - Coal out, renewables in: Sharing economic insights and exploring the benefits

What policy mechanisms could be employed to help countries move towards clean energy sources with a key focus on the changing economics around coal? 

Nordic Pavilion
IFEMA exhibition centre
Madrid, Spain

Danish wind turbines
Danish wind turbines

In light of the UN Secretary General’s calls for no new coal beyond 2020 and phase-out of existing capacity, we are convening a discussion focusing on the changing economic opportunities around coal and the economic opportunities around renewables. While an upscaling of renewables is needed, a radical phase-out or downscaling of coal-fired generation is simultaneously required to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement.

Through presenting some of the opportunities around energy transition (particularly in South East Asia), we hope this event will encourage countries to avoid a high-carbon trajectory going forward. This event will delve into the need for the shift from coal to renewables that was highlighted at the UN Climate Action Summit earlier this year. It will address both technical and political barriers as well as political, regulatory and financial tools at hand to support the phase out of existing coal generation, including best practices for reallocating investments.

Carbon Tracker will set the scene with a presentation on the changing economics around coal globally as well as on their work in South East Asia and it supports the PPCA's objectives. The presentation will be followed by a panel discussion that unpacks what it means for jurisdictions and companies to transition from coal to clean.

UK, Canadian and Danish Government representatives will share their experience and outline support available to developing countries looking to transition to renewables. We will explore opportunties for collaboration with governments and organisations South East Asia.

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Data and Information

  • Moderator - Richard Folland, Senior Policy and Government Affairs Adviser, Carbon Tracker
  • Presenter - Durand d’Souza, Data Scientist, Power Team, Carbon Tracker


  • Susanne Pedersen, Assistant Director General, GGGI


  • Tomas Anker Christensen – Climate Ambassador - Danish Government