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Clean energy transition presents an opportunity for attracting private investments in the energy and industrial sectors and for stimulating new business development in areas such as eco-innovation and circular economy.

PPCA event at the EU pavilion


The benefits of aiming towards climate neutrality by 2050 go beyond climate and environment as new jobs are expected to replace employment in traditional fossil fuel sectors. However, different countries and regions have different starting points. In order to ensure just transition which brings all regions and citizens on board and leaves no one behind targeted policy measures and enabling conditions are needed. Cities, regions, national governments, international organisations and international financial institutions need to synchronise their actions to achieve lasting results.

This session explored how this multi-level governance can work in practice and how different actors are leading the way in ensuring Just Transition based on the experience of the European Commission Coal Regions in Transition Initiative, the Powering Past Coal Alliance and the Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy. It also explored how different initiatives can work together in a coordinated manner to facilitate global efforts to deliver on the Paris Agreement objectives.

Kadri Simson, European Commissioner for Energy

Isabel Blanco, The EBRD

Katrien Rycken, Director of Leuven 2030, Leuven

Tara Peel, National Director at Canadian Labour Congress