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Why join the Powering Past Coal Alliance?

The Powering Past Coal Alliance exists to support the transition away from unabated coal power generation and accelerate clean growth.

We welcome expressions of interest in membership from national and sub-national governments and private sector groups. Joining the Alliance allows members to amplify the leadership that they are showing in phasing out unabated coal.

By bringing together a wide range of members from national, regional and city level, Alliance members can provide mutual support by sharing best practice and experience in their transition from coal. Taken together, actions by members within the Alliance can provide a stronger sense of collective action which can accelerate the wider transition from coal to clean.

Private sector members agree to help phase out unabated coal from the power sector

  • Large consumers of electricity commit to powering their operations without unabated coal-fired electricity.
  • Electricity suppliers or generators commit to stop building new unabated coal-fired power plants and to phase out those that exist.
  • Investors commit to restrict finance to new and existing unabated coal fired power generation.

Prospective members are asked to:

  1. Send a letter or email to confirm your commitment to the Alliance goals.
  2. Identify a contact person that the Secretariat can share news and information about meetings, events, announcements, etc with. We would like to keep our members informed and engaged as the Alliance grows.
  3. Provide a few short points to highlight what your government or business is doing to support coal phase-out.

Contact us

In order to find out more about the Alliance, send us an email at: